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Fixed Income Products

Stable savings products where users benefit from less risks while preserving their capital and steady income long term.

Universal Savings Account - Saver

Saver is a fully on-chain and non-custodial USD denominated Savings Account with 7% APY direct from FIAT or Crypto Assets.

Saver Dollar is a trust-less, seizure resistant crypto dollar with a native yield purposed towards onboarding everyday users to DeFi.


Saver Dollar minting is permissionless for anyone, from anywhere 24/7 on an internet connection.


Saver Dollar has no external oracle dependency; it's a ground-up new design maintaining a USD unit of account natively.


A unique AMM for staked PoS asset DeFi liquidity, fully autonomous and on-chain. StakeHouse will enable PoS networks stakers a liquid cash flow.


Open Saver is a Fixed Income protocol suite that powers stable savings rates for everyday DeFi users on various crypto assets. It is similar to money markets, but with a distinction, the rates are fixed, non-speculative, and entirely backed by an Algorithmic PoS Bond Index.

StakeHouse Game

Stake CBSN for SHB

SHB will exclusive privilege to batchmint StakeHouse invite and earn a reward when a user joins the house.

Play to Earn

Join a StakeHouse to earn game reward based on your house leaderboard position.

Incentive Mining

Incentives of StakeHouse game is aligned with coordination efficiency of a house.

Be Early and Be Fast

StakeHouse reward are dispensed based on position of user queue joining the house, and house leaderboard position and members.


What can I do with BSN CommunityNet token?

BSN CommunityNet token will have exclusive access to BSN beta products for earning incentives.

How Saver USD deposit works ?

Saver deposits are fully collateralized by a PoS Bond Index managed by smart contracts and redeemable 24/7.

What assets are supported by Open Saver?

Open Saver will have Saver USD and ETH2 based saving markets initially, more assets will be added as we go.

How does StakeHouse work?

StakeHouse is a unique AMM for staked asset liquidity using two token mechanics for liquidity abstraction and trading it on DeFi. A detailed article is coming out shortly.

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